Tanga Bikinis

Tanga bikinis are now an option to wear to the beach! Somewhere in between a thong bikini and a boy short bikini but definitely nowhere near a regular bikini brief, tanga bikinis have moderate amount of coverage in the back and let you stay mostly covered while still able to let your cheeks soak up some sun. The tanga falls into the brazilian bikini family. Unlike a thong bikini, tanga bikinis have more fabric in the back. There's still a bit of a wedge-shaped fabric, but the top half of your tush remains covered. Compared a boy short bikini, tangas have more of a v-shape cut whereas a boy short has a rectangular cut. In a tanga bikini, it's a combination of both the bottom and sides of your cheeks that see the sun, not just the bottom half like in a boy short.

Very comfortable and undeniably sexy, tanga bikinis are a fun alternative to the typical and oft-seen bikini brief. These bottoms have the same amount of coverage in the front, slightly wider sides and definitely a seductive look in the back. So if you're bored of full bottom briefs but aren't yet ready for a cheek-baring thong or g-string, change into a tanga bikini and get some extra sun on your skin.

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Tanga bikinis