Mini Tangas

As the name suggests, mini tangas are simply tangas with smaller dimensions. Still having the same low rise, mini tangas have less coverage in the back allowing you to show off more skin. The sides that usually have wide straps may be narrower or have string ties. On some styles, the front may have slightly less coverage than the usual full front. In the back you can still expect the same bottom and side exposure of your cheeks, but just more of it than the regular tanga. In a mini tanga, not only can you expect to get some more vitamin D, but also more looks focused your way as well.

As is the case with any style swimsuit you wear, be sure to do all necessary grooming of your nether regions a few days before you head out to the waters. Itís always best to do any shaving or waxing at least a day or two in advance to let the irritation and sensitivity subside. This is especially true for those who prefer to wax. Allowing your skin some recovery time will assure that you have a smooth and pleasant trip to the beach.

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