Tanga Shorts

Tangas, also known as tanga shorts, have a low rise, full coverage in the front and moderate coverage in the back. Unlike a Brazilian bottom where your cheeks would mostly peek out the sides while the rest remains covered, tanga shorts let your tush peek out both the bottom and the sides while keeping the top half covered. Unlike thongs, tanga shorts are made with more fabric than the usual little thong wedge has allowing for a more comfortable fit and extra coverage. The wider sides on the tanga short is also a distinctive feature compared to the normally thin sides.

If you like the idea of the tanga with the extra amount of coverage but not a full brief style, the boy short is certainly a style worth trying. They're designed like men's briefs but with much shorter leg lengths (if at all) for a more feminine look. Rises vary but you'll usually find boy shorts with low rises. There's plenty of coverage in the front and wide sides with the same amount of coverage in the back to mirror the front. These ultra comfortable bottoms are ideal for when you want to be more active on the beach while keeping your parts under wraps.

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