Tanga Thong

The tanga thong is a style wirth checking out if you're bored of the usual inverted-triangle variety of thong. While they usually have more coverage in the back, the tanga thong has a little bit different look compared to most thongs. With a low rise and a wide band for the sides, the tanga thong has partial coverage in the back. They still eliminate panty lines like all thongs do, but there's additional fabric for a little added comfort and coverage. The cut helps to create a sexy yet comfortable look without leaving your rear completely exposed. Different brands vary in cuts and amounts of coverage so try them out to see what look appeals to you.

If you like exposing your cheeks, there are also Brazilian bottoms, whaletail thongs and g-strings. Brazilian bottoms generally more coverage than a tanga but less compared to the average brief. In the back, the sides are skimmed away to allow more skin to peek out the sides. With a whaletail thong there's the usual wedge that's expected but this style has a graduated curve extending from the center of the thong out to the sides creating a shape that mimics that of a whale's tail. For minimal fabric and maximum effect, there's the g-string. This bottom simply has a string of fabric running down the center that connects to the side straps, and once on, it feels like you're wearing next to nothing.

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